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Here are a few pics of Orli, or things that are related with him.
All of the images here represent Orlando in one way or another. Any websites I have used in the process of collecting these images have been noted in the "fave links" section. It would be greatly appreciated if these images weren't stolen from my site or used without asking me!

Orlandos chinese Zodiac Sign

This is me..i did a quiz to see how much i really knew bout Orli!

Fancy hat!

With Johnny Depp in "Pirates"

It's like he's looking straight into your eyes! (I wish he was....)


With Eric Bana and Brad Pitt

Orlando and Keira

I've got this thing about teeth, a guy has to have nice teeth! No worries about Orli then!


Pinch me, Im dreaming!

Legolas and Pippin

Hubba hubba!

Posing with fans, aint he sweet!?

Orlando has an infamous fashion sense!

Virginia Woolf, who wrote about a hero called Orlando, who Orli was named after!

I love this pic, it makes you want to just jump right into it with him :)

I bet every girl in the UK bought this copy of Bliss!!! (August 2002)

You shot me with an arrow, and it pierced right through my heart, Now Im more in love with you, than I was at the very start!

Orli is the most gorgeous man Ive ever seen! Seeing all these pics just make me even more smitten! (If thats possible!)